Be pissed.

I read something yesterday that said kids in black schools at Ferguson get arrested and charged with assault for fighting. Because of that they can’t vote even as teenagers.

What we are witnessing in Ferguson is Jim Crow all over again.

they are. The schools do not have very good resource officers apparently and the teachers would much rather call the POLICE than have a system that starts from the bottom up where students can work out their issues. And we all know how the police in ferguson are…😒


"Hi hun whats in your treehouse?"
"Baby raccoon."

"I bet he’s cute, try not to touch him, okay?"

"Hunny? you still there?"
"Yep I’m still here mom"

"Hey don’t get my hat dirty, I said you could borrow it, not have it"

"You be nice to Sandra.. and don’t stay up too late"
"I wont"

"We love you Clem,"
"I love you too, miss you."

"We’ll be home in a few days"
"Okay, see you soon"